How mature is your B2B commerce? Time to accelerate?

December 6th, 10:00

In B2B commerce, it is essential to consistently develop and progress to meet customer expectations. We're delighted to invite you to a 30-minute webinar where we'll discuss our B2B Commerce Maturity Ladder, which visualizes the progress of B2B companies in digital sales and provides insights into the key drivers behind digital transformation in B2B sales.

Two reasons to watch the webinar: 

  • Benchmark your progress: Explore the 5 stages of maturity in B2B commerce and understand where your company stands in the digital landscape. 

  • Identify your ideal destination: In the webinar, we'll delve into perspectives on the different ladder steps and guide you in identifying your ideal stage.
While many companies initiate their digital journey by enabling customers to request quotes online or browse digital catalogs, it's essential to recognize that alternative solutions might better suit your specific needs. 

Don't miss this opportunity to define your company's digital direction and benchmark your progress against Nordic B2B leaders.




Malin Bodolla, CMO, Litium


Linnea Sundberg, Marketing Coordinator, Litium