Webinar: Boost your customer relations

With a client portal

In this webinar we explore essential aspects of client portals and their impact on businesses. The industry expert Niclas Frid  from Exsitec shares his knowledge and experiences, providing insights on how to boost your business with the help of a client portal.

The session aims to provide you with a deeper understanding of how a client portal plays an important role in shaping operational efficiency, and how it creates competitive advantages by giving your customers the best possible experience that fit their needs.

In the webinar we will discuss and give you insights about:

  • Why you need a client portal
    Learn why businesses should consider having a client portal. We'll discuss how it can make customers happier and your operations smoother.
  • Understanding the difference between e-commerce and client portals
    Clearing up the confusion! We'll explain the key differences between e-commerce and client portals, or is it the same thing?
  • Should you invest in a customer portal?
    Find out how to set goals for you client portal and measure if it will make a positive impact on you business. 
  • Saving money with smart practices
    Discover practical ways your business can save money with a well-thought-out client portal. We'll share tips and real examples.


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Niclas Frid, B2B commerce expert