Webinar: Exclusive live demo of a client portal

February 22, 10:00

This is an exclusive webinar where we'll take a deep dive into the most valuable functions of client portals! We guide you through a live demo of a client portal solution tailored for manufacturing companies, aimed at simplifying your customer interactions.

The top three most desirable effects of a client portal: 

  • Increased customer satisfaction: the portal is available 24/7, your customers can self-serve and handle their own errands and business and get access to information without the need to contact customer service.
  • Effective communication and reduced pressure: on organization internally: a client portal is a place for efficient and direct communication  between your company and your customers.
  • Better order handling: Your customers can follow their orders, that gives them transparence and control of their  orders handlings.

We will show functionalities as:

  • How to effective handle documents, no matter format (PDF, invoices, orders, info, etc)
  • Traction of production phases from planning to delivery and maintenance
  • How to easily monitor and manage your carbon footprint in the portal
  • How a portal enable a modern EDI and collect all order data in one place
  • And much more


Markus_rundlöf_rundbild  Layer 1

Markus Rundlöf, Head of UX/UI 

Niclas_frid_rundbildLayer 1

Niclas Frid, B2B commerce expert