Webinar: SEO strategies for optimizing online product pages

Watch our webinar about essential strategies for optimizing your product pages with the SEO expert Geir Halvorsen from Motillo. This webinar is for you who wants to enhance your e-commerce strategy and optimize your product pages to maximize online success. 

Discover valuable insights about:

  • Optimization of product page descriptions: Discover the best practices for crafting compelling product descriptions that not only attract but also engage your customers.
  • Creating content aligned with search intent: Learn how to tailor your product information to better address your customers' search queries and fulfill their specific needs.
  • Automating product titles and descriptions: Explore effective automation techniques to streamline tasks, save time, and ensure the maintenance of high-quality product listings.


webinar_rundbild_geir  Motillo_UtanPayoff_svart
Geir Halvorsen, Senior SEO-specialist at Motillo