Litium report: Nordic Digital Commerce in B2B 2023

Nordic Digital Commerce in B2B 2023 illustrates how Nordic B2B companies continue to invest in their digital business, despite and partly because of an impending economic downturn. The report is Litium's seventh report and the study was conducted during February-March 2023, based on responses from 920 respondents in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland through a digital survey.

The report contains a wealth of interesting insights, such as:

  • 69% of B2B companies are now using digital channels to enable sales.
  • The main drivers for digital sales are similar across different segments and company sizes. The primary driver is once again to streamline administration and streamline sales.
  • 21% of all companies that do not yet offer digital sales plan to change that and launch an e-commerce solution within 3 years.
  • Although the primary driver is an internal goal, the main results for companies currently selling through digital channels are external improvements: increased customer service (12%) and increased customer satisfaction (11%).

Download the report and utilize the insights for your digitalization plan moving forward. Interested in this year's report: Nordic Digital Commerce in B2B 2024? Download it here.