Webinar: How AI is put into action to create product descriptions

Watch our webinar where we discuss how AI transforms product descriptions for e-commerce businesses with Edvin Kjäll, and Erik Knabe from EnlinkAI. Dealing with many products and geographical markets has always been a major challenge for modern companies selling products online. Costly productions and a lack of resources have hindered them from taking the lead on product descriptions, resulting in slow time-to-market, bad visibility on search engines, and low conversions. This has now changed thanks to the Swedish company EnlinkAI.  

EnlinkAI is available through Litium App Cloud and is being used by Didriksons, a global leader in outdoor wear.

In this webinar, you will learn the following:

  • How AI revolutionizes product descriptions and translations to increase efficiency and accuracy
  • How AI eliminates duplicate content to boost your brands online presence
  • How to prepare your PIM system for AI for a seamless integration



edvin_kjall_engine_ai  65a7a41bfce74734ede99ca5_EnlinkAI Logo

Edvin Kjäll, Head of Operations, Co-founder EnlinkAI


Erik_Knabe_webinar_rundbild  65a7a41bfce74734ede99ca5_EnlinkAI Logo

Erik Knabe, Sales and business development EnlinkAI