The webinar was aired February 16th 2021, watch the recording.

During this webinar we talk about how to create a solid business case for an investment in the digital space, for example implementing a new digital customer portal or a new B2B e-commerce site.

Producing a business case is often a necessary input when suggesting an investment. Before getting the budget needed for your project, you must first show that the investment is going to pay off. This webinar will go through how to align your business case with the goals of your organization, and how to calculate the monetary effects, in order to increase the likelihood of getting your investment approved.


    • How to align the benefits of your investment with the goals and key performance indicators (KPI’s) of your organization.
    • What to think about when making your return on investment (ROI) calculations.
    • Increase your chances of getting your digital investment approved.


Joakim Lööv, Senior Advisor, Columbus Global.
Dan Andersson, Head of Strategy & Solution Director, Columbus Global.
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