How mature is your B2B commerce?

Learn how to accelerate towards your digital summit

Take the next step towards digital excellence

Litium Maturity Ladder report shares insights for companies wanting to take the next step on the digital journey. By mapping your progress with hundreds of other B2B companies in the Nordics is for most a game-changer. This webinar will talk about taking the next step into the future on your digital journey. Meet our partner Columbus who have big experience of helping companies to accelerate their B2B Sales & Marketing.

In this webinar you will learn;

  • Major trends in B2B commerce and which ones affect your business.
  • The benefits of planning and how to accelerate upwards, in order to reach your own digital summit.
  • Identify your current position on the digital Maturity Ladder and compare your progress to over 800 Nordic B2B companies.

Target group
Decision makers and digital transformation managers in large to midsize B2B companies.

Dan Andersson, Head of Strategy & Solution Director, Columbus Global.
Joakim Lööv, Senior Advisor, Columbus Global.

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