Digital Sales in a Global environment

Want to go global?

It has never been easier to expand your business into new markets. Regulations are going in the right directions, new business models are accepted, digital opportunities through marketplaces are exploding. Digital commerce platforms are evolving to make it easy and frameworks and the right knowledge for doing global business are available.

In this webinar we will tell you how to go global 😊

  • Learn about the non-barriers for the internationalization of your digital commerce.
  • How to scale up to new markets in an effective way.
  • Be cost efficient by working with Litium platform & Integrate with International marketplaces through a single connection.
  • How to build an e-com organization for scale.

Our presenters, David Nolander & Dan Andersson from Columbus, have a long history of implementation of global e-commerce solutions for larger B2B companies. Both a strategical and hand-on experience where customers are expanding to global D2C-models, going global with marketplaces, and expanding self-service capabilities with customer portals for global key accounts.

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