Customer loyalty efforts and tailoring communication to customer needs and preferences are almost basic requirements for doing successful digital business. Though there are more and more opportunities to get to know your customers, it is also becoming increasingly difficult due to the growing number of contact interfaces. The Voyado loyalty system delivers the right offer to the right person at the right time simply by collecting customer data from all channels. Several substantial actors in retail use Voyado successfully. Focusing on retail has meant that functionality, AI and connection to the industry's cash register systems have been optimized for physical and digital commerce alike.

The system provides insights about your customers, enabling you to personalize communication and offerings for each individual. This makes for a more personal and relevant company-customer relationship. Voyado’s powerful marketing automation manages sending e-mails, text messages and posting on social media. In addition, the system keeps track of the company’s loyalty and rewards programs and online and in-store customer transactions. In other words, the system gives you a 360 degree view of each customer and the best possible conditions for following up on them.

Voyado, on partnering with Litium

In their solution, Litium has developed an extremely exciting and advantageous offer. The platform provides every opportunity for flexibility and customization. And by utilizing all its parts, companies will have the right tools for designing their digital commerce, simply and smoothly. By joining the forces of Litium and Voyado, companies have the perfect opportunity to efficiently develop and care for their customer relations. It is easy to build up automated customer journeys that start online in Voyado or to create unique customer offers to be utilized through Litium’s platform.

Litium + Voyado = an unbeatable duo for generating loyal customers!

The Litium-Voyado collaboration provides all manner of opportunities for successful digital commerce aided by a flexible platform constructed to be quick and easy to scale and a loyalty system that gives a comprehensive view of each customer. All customers that register in Litium are automatically synced with Voyado .This provides customers with a true omni channel experience where they can register in e-commerce and then shop in-store as members, and vice versa. The result is that in-store shopping is seamlessly connected to e-commerce purchases enabling shoppers to easily redeem reward checks online.

For personalized customer communication, product data from Litium can be used to populate send-outs. Voyado’s product recommendation engine proposes relevant products and offers based on previous behavior, patterns and purchases. All Litium transactions are synced to Voyado and can therefore be used for segmentation and personalization. Voyado makes available information on who made the purchase, of what, and which payment method, promotions and discounts were used. To give customers the same type of offering in all channels, it is just a matter of connecting the promotions between Litium and Voyado.

The Litium-Voyado combination is already successfully used by Jollyroom, Houdini, Casall and Didriksons.

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Voyado is Northern Europe’s market leading CRM platform in retail that lets you connect with your customers like never before. The AI-powered platform learns behaviors with pinpoint precision and improves the customer experience at every single touchpoint. Reaching over 68 000 000 customers in over 100 countries, Voyado transforms traditional marcom into something new, helpful and inspiring, making brands easy to love.