The Big Guide to PIM for B2B

Making product management for B2B companies more efficient

Product Information Management, PIM, is about methodically structuring and visualizing the company's products, both in the online store and other channels. The goal is to create a dynamic product catalogue that makes it easy to present the entire range in an informative and inspiring way.

In this guide, we have gathered our best tips on how you, as a B2B company, can benefit from PIM. PIM serves as a smart and powerful tool for developing and enhancing product management - so you can offer the best customer experience for your digital business as well.

You will learn:

● How to meet the challenge of navigating in a complex product offering
● How the PIM system simplifies, structures and streamlines work
● Why PIM is the key to successful B2B sales
● The four fundamental building blocks of PIM
● How to integrate the PIM system to achieve business benefits

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