Litium User Training


Learn all about how to use Litiums platform

This course is a training package for those who work on the Litium platform and aims to help those who work with website content. You will learn to create pages and work with text, images and links. This particular form of training, in which we bring together participants from a number of different companies, often leads to a highly appreciated exchange of experiences.

To enable you to utilize the fundamental strengths of Litium and to familiarize you with the product. As a user of the platform, you need to understand the difference between standard and customized parts of the Litium platform.

You will also learn the most important and useful Litium functions as well as to navigate and to understand the framework.

Working with the Litium platform.


  • The Litium Concept
    • The Litium Platform
    • Litium Accelerator
    • Ecosystem
    • Design
  • Dashboard
  • Websites
    • Structure and navigation
    • Create, edit and publish pages
  • Media
    • Structure and navigation
    • Upload files
  • Customers
    • Groups
    • Target groups
    • Smart groups
  • Create products
  • Enrichment
    • Product attributes
    • Languages and translations
    • Images and files

  • Create products and product structures
    • Variants and basic products
    • Product relationships
    • Packages
  • Search and files
  • Import and export
  • Grouping
    • Lists
    • Categories
  • Plan and publish
    • Publishing categories and products
  • Work flows
  • Campaign management

Location: This is an online training through Litium Academy platform
Time: Anytime of choice
Price: According to agreement

Email and enter your name, preferred date, e-mail address and phone number and we will contact you with a confirmation.

The education will be held in English. It will be held on the latest Litium version.

Terms and conditions for education
• The reservation is binding.
• If the registered participant is unable to attend, the reservation can be transferred to another person.
• Litium’s general terms and conditions apply,

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