Scandinavian B2B Commerce 2021 is Litium’s fifth report on digital B2B commerce. It is based on a survey of 900 decision-makers from Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

This year’s report is packed with valuable insights, for example:

  • 65% of B2B companies sell through digital channels. The most common sales channel is an online store (34% of companies), which may be password protected or open to the public.
  • The approach to digital commerce is a question for the senior management team within B2B companies. Within a majority of companies, this responsibility generally falls on one or more members of senior management, for example the CEO, CMO or sales manager.
  • The ability to make data-driven decisions is essential for profitable and efficient digital commerce. However, of the companies surveyed this year, only 13% report that they use a data-driven approach. 18% say they regularly collect and analyze data, typically weekly or monthly.

This year, we are excited to introduce our B2B Commerce Maturity Ladder. Scandinavian B2B companies are divided into five different steps on the ladder, based on their stage of maturity – from those that have yet to get out of the gate in their digital journey, to the data-driven companies that are consistently working to develop their digital business and customer relationships. As a company’s degree of maturity increases, it climbs the steps to a higher level on the maturity ladder. This represents not only an increase in the company’s focus on digital commerce but also how actively the company works to understand the customer journey, how to market their offer in digital channels and how to apply data to develop their business and digital presence.

Where does your company find itself on the maturity ladder? Download the reports to read more and access all the results! (The report is in English)