Say hello to Scandinavian B2B Commerce 2020, Litium's annual report on digital business-to-business commerce (B2B). In this fourth edition we have expanded the report to include Norway and Denmark.

A selection of key findings:

  • Almost half (42%) of the surveyed B2B companies offer online commerce. However, there are great differences within industries and company size. 
  • Scandinavian B2B companies remain positive about the growth of digital commerce. 80% of the companies surveyed expect their digital sales to continue to increase over the next three years.
  • For many B2B companies, increased digitalization provides an opportunity to reach new geographical markets. 
  • B2B digital commerce in the Scandinavian markets is primarily driven by a desire to simplify administration and streamline sales. 
  • Established procedures and practices is considered the biggest challenge for digital B2B commerce, both among companies that sell digitally and those who do not. 

About the survey

Scandinavian B2B digital commerce is the fourth edition of Litium's annual survey of digital commerce between companies (B2B). The study was conducted in November 2019 and is based on responses from almost 1000 decision makers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Download the report to read more and have a look at all the results.