Based on the success factors from leading companies

Don’t start from scratch but get quick access to standard components that cover all basic needs based on knowledge and best practice from leading companies in the industry.

Litium Accelerator gives you the foundation for your ecommerce storefront, based on Litiums modern platform built for speed, flexibility and growth. In this way, you can shorten the time-to-market and instead spend time and resources on what creates added value and competitive advantages. You still have full flexibility to create the customer experience you want.

Today's environment is changing rapidly with increasing complexity and competition. It is important to be fast, flexible and understand the changing needs of your customers in order to be competitive and to be able to take advantage of business opportunities. The experience of e-commerce must meet the customer's expectations, every day. When starting an e-commerce project, we know that there are many choices that need to be made. What we do know is that there is often uncertainty about exact project costs and schedules.

Benifits of Litium Accelerator:

  • Time-to-market - Enables speed in projects by using ready made components
  • Best practices - Based on the success factors from leading companies. Don’t start from scratch, focus on your business.
  • Reduce risk - standard components decreases the risk
  • Total cost of ownership - Minimized maintenance and upgrade costs over time.
  • Full flexibility - 100% source code, gives you full creativity to tailor the customer experience.

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Litium offer an attractive, scalable pay as you grow model. Accelerator is included, free of charge in Litium On Demand.

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